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Imagine cruising along the beautiful Bosphorus, the shimmering water reflecting the rich history and modernity of Istanbul. The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and the city’s iconic landmarks passing by as you sip on a glass of fine champagne. Except, this is not a dream. You can have this experience with us!

Explore Istanbul’s Beauty on a Yacht: Yacht Rentals and Charters in Istanbul

Experience the wonders of Istanbul from the deck of an opulent yacht as it glides through the glorious Bosphorus. Just imagine basking in the glowing sunlight, with the soft breeze playing with your hair, a champagne flute in your hand. Now you can actually visualize this picturesque scenario come true through our Istanbul yacht rental, where we offer you the chance to sail through this historic city in the heart of.

With Istanbul luxury yacht rentals, surely you will be up to a journey that is filled with one great adventure. Be it a special celebration or simply a different way to admire the beauty that is Istanbul, our collection of elegant yachts is at your convenience. Whether intimate or grand, we cater to all occasions and make sure that time on the Bosphorus always turns into a fairy tale before you leave.

The spectacular views to most notable buildings of Istanbul simply zip through your eyes as you cruise. First comes the majestic domes of its historic mosques, then the great sprawling palaces that line its shores. Why not enjoy their glorius views from the sea on you yacht?

Istanbul Yacht Rental and Charter Services

In a city as fascinating as Istanbul, sailing on a yacht allows for a whole new outlook. Take advantage of our yacht rentals and charters, whether you’re a sightseer looking for adventure or a local seeking to take that special occasion up a notch.

Personalize your experience with our Istanbul yacht rentals, offering a selection of boats fitting for your taste. From contemporary cruisers to traditional gulets, each yacht oozes its own special appeal.

Exploring the Bosphorus: A Scenic Voyage

Take a journey along the Bosphorus where Europe and Asia intertwine amid amazing sceneries. See the grandeur of Dolmabahce Palace, the historic charm of Rumeli Fortress, and picturesque waterfront mansions.

Highlight important milestones in life with an unforgettable celebration aboard a private yacht. Be it a birthday, engagement soirée, or a corporate gathering, our yacht charters add an air of sophistication to any occasion.

Yacht rental with top class amenities and great services. From experienced crews, delicious foods, and entertainment areas, every moment is made to feel really special. We offer the best of it all for your comfort and wellbeing.

Istanbul Yacht Charter: Guided Exploration

Choose a guided experience, cruising on our Istanbul yacht charters, where expert crews share insights into the rich history of the city and significance of the Bosphorus. There are so many scenes that are beautiful in Istanbul. Do not miss the chance to explore them.

Savor the flavors of Istanbul through fine dining experiences featuring authentic flavors from the Turkish cuisine. It would be fresh seafood, flavorful mezes, or enjoyable desserts. Be promised, these are some of the best foods one has ever tasted.

Enjoy the sunset over Bosphorus with a great cruise and watch the colors turn to gold while in Istanbul. Great moments with the city skyline’s turn into a mesmerizing panorama. Witness onboard with your favorite beverage in hand, the most romantic moments of the day.

A perfect break from the city vibes of Istanbul, the Bosphorus is calming and just sweeps one off their feet. Experience the soft roll of the yacht over still waters giving that perfect ambiance to relax and rejuvenate. In brief, rent a yacht in Istanbul, or charter a motor yacht, and your charter will charm you with the breathless beauty of the city, cruise to adventure, celebration, or simply relaxation of the Bosphorus. Enjoy the irresistible charm of Istanbul from a totally different angle, of a different concept, with iconic landmarks and picturesque backdrops to create memories of a lifetime to treasure!

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What is the cost of a yacht rental or yacht charter in the Bosphorus Istanbul?

The rates for our Bosphorus yacht rentals are based on the class of the yacht, timing of the event, the number of guests, services, and other additional requirements. Thus, our range of Bosphorus yacht tours could be from a simple cruise up to a luxury Bosphorus yacht charter, providing full customization of the packages according to your desire and budget.

Please ask to see our packages or for us to work on an idea of a custom event that would work for you. After understanding your requirements, transparent pricing is provided with all costs and any other hidden charges. We work with transparency and flexibility throughout the project lifecycle.

On your route, you will see some great sights of:

The Bosphorus Bridge

Dolmabahce Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace

Maiden’s Tower

Galata Tower

Ciragan Palace

Ortakoy Mosque


Seaside villas along the Bosphorus Strait

If you would like to make your day an unforgettable one, it is definitely worth it. A unique and unforgettable day for you and your loved ones… It is surely a dream coming true.

We offering the best yacht rental service in Istanbul. Reach us, check out offer offers and make your decision.

Even though it may feel limitless, while organizing a Bosphorus boat event, regulations of municipalities and maybe governments should be followed. Most important of them is the venue permit, ensuring that our boat fits both the safety and security regulations of our guests, to be hosted in an event onboard. Our boats are fully equipped for hosting any memorable ceremony, such as birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, and whatever else, with all needed regulations met.

While sailing on Bosphorus, there are noise restrictions. These restrictions are not very strict while in Istanbul. Although we manage to deliver beyond the level of service quality, all the mandatory rules and regulations are strictly adhered to for the comfort level of the guest availing the services.

We also consider noise regulations in Istanbul, which are however rather slack as we cruise the Bosphorus. And as we provide maximum high quality service, we are very conscious to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.