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The Whirling Dervishes dance shows are a mesmerizing and spiritually deep experience that introduces you to the living tradition of Sufi mysticism.

¬†Originating from the teachings passed down to them from these 13th-century mystic poet and philosopher Rumi himself, these mesmerizing performances give you an insight to the magical world of the Whirling Dervishes. The main part of the performance is Sufi dance, known as “Sema,” in which Dervishes whirl in a trance-like state, offering an experience that surpasses both the realm of art and spirituality.

The otherworldly atmospheres are drawn into the audiences while swirling one way in their symbolic white or black robes as the Dervishes, with one hand striving to reach out and touch the heavens and another grounded onto the earth. Whirling is an act that symbolizes a deeper spiritual journey, connection with the divine, and the destruction of the ego. The music is heavenly beautiful, often accompanied by traditional musical instruments such as the ney flute and daf drum, both of which heightens the senses of the performance through depth and resonance. Dance shows of Whirling Dervishes connect the earthly with the spiritual inviting its audience witness the union of centered mind, body and soul, thus being indescribable opportunity to feel mystic traditions of the Middle East not just from watching row.