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Wedding Parties

Planning a wedding is a difficult yet fulfilling experience. Choosing the right venue for the perfect wedding must be the most challenging part of it, especially if you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your big day. Your engagement party deserves no less attention and glamour of course. Both are the days you will cherish forever, so why not make them phenomenal?

Host Your Dream Wedding on the Bosphorus Cruise

Your wedding day is the most important day in your life, so why not make it even more celebrated by taking a stroll on the beautiful Bosphorus waters? How about a wedding party on a yacht at the Bosporus? Imagine taking your vows with Istanbul’s magnificent historic sights in front of you and your backdrop the blue waters, gently rippling as they softly kiss the shore. Choose to get married on the Bosphorus Cruise, and let the romantic polished boat fulfill that fairy tale wedding. Istanbul offer the best scene for your romantic moments.

Create a Magical Wedding Day on the Waters of the Bosphorus

On your special day, the Bosphorus is a place of enchanting beauty and romantic ambiance. In a skyway, on a luxury yacht: You can take the big step while floating with the beautiful sea underfoot. The visitor will pass by such historic landmarks as the Maiden’s Tower, Dolmabahse Palace and Bosphorus Bridge on this special Bosphorus Cruise. Whether you dream of an intimate wedding with only your dearest family or a huge celebration that includes half the population and all of your friends, a Bosphorus cruise has the means to fulfill these expectations and more.

Choose from a Range of Wedding Packages to Suit Your Vision

We know that each couple has their own idea of a wedding party, so we offer a variety of packages tailored to suit your particular wants and needs. Whether you like certainty and security, a marriage followed by an after-party is just as must unforgettable as ever; or relative intimacy and less-extensive guest numbers, there’s the perfect package for you. Our experienced wedding planners will work with you to translate your dream into reality, and see that every detail-from the hall decorations all the way down to those little tossable alcoholic candy-filled fruit cups you cannot stop eating-is taken care of. We promise to give you the best wedding you can have in Istanbul.

Enjoy a Delicious Wedding Meal and Drinks Onboard

Every wedding celebration needs some food and drink to keep the guests content. Our kitchen will create a wedding meal that is a feast for both eyes and palate. You can sample this feast made from rich Turkish and international dishes when you hold your wedding reception with us. Appetizers, salads, main dishes, desserts…. And who could forget the toasts? No celebration is complete without raising a glass to happy couples all over the world. Choose some of the world’s finest wines, champagne, and drinks with which to wish each other happiness forever.

Dance the Night Away with a Live Band in a Romantic Setting

After an emotional wedding ceremony and grand banquet, now it is time to go out for a rest so that we can join with those who love us best in this joyful festival. So, anytime at all you can feel the pulsing beat and turn to the side, dancing like crazy. The band plays to its own tune, and the live melodies of a band in concert with other live sounds will steal away your blues. If you love the timeless appeal of timeless love songs or the push and pull of a propulsive rhythm, we have talented musicians who provide an unforgettable musical experience designed completely around your taste. 

As the air fills with music and the evening with laughter, close your eyes and surround yourself with the magic of the moment, sitting amongst twinkling lights that form Istanbul’s splendid skyline. Against that incredible background, every single step on the dance floor becomes a memory worthy of recording. So, let the music move you along as you dance through the night–Those moments will live in your memory forevermore.

Take in the Stunning Views of Istanbul’s Historic Sights as You Celebrate

You will see stunning views of the city’s ancient sightseeings as you cruise the Bosphorus. From the city’s streets, its majestic domes and giant minarets together constitute iconic mosques that bear the features of many civilisations. Down by the water, some landmarks of the city are grand palaces and fortresses, where every minute feels rich in meaning Take advantage of photo opportunities at every turn to capture the magic of your special day against the backdrop of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Your wedding day should be what you have always dreamed of and more. Have a spectacular wedding party on the Bosphorus Cruise. Create memories that last a lifetime and cherish your love in truly unforgettable surroundings. Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding on the famous Bosphorus Strait.

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What is the cost of an Istanbul wedding boat?

Price on the Bosphorus wedding yachts in Istanbul depends on many factors: the ship chosen, how long ceremony is for and so forth. How big your guest list is, the range of services offered by our company and what special requests you have. A The selection of boat and length of your ceremony should, needless to say, be personalized to your tastes and ideas. We are happy to provide options that would feasibly be satisfactory for a foreign wedding ceremony on the Bosphorus. Eventually, once all of the necessary details have been confirmed, we will give you a general rundown on costs, in so doing being transparent and accommodating of

On a Bosphorus Cruise wedding party in Istanbul, you will have the chance to pass by some beauties of the city. To mention a few of them:

The Bosphorus Bridge

Dolmabahce Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace

Maiden’s Tower

Galata Tower

Ciragan Palace

Ortakoy Mosque


Seaside villas along the Bosphorus Strait

The day of your wedding is one of the most unforgettable moments in life. This occasion will bind together this family fundamentally, generation after generation. For many people, nothing could be better than to make this day the grandest, most special, and most elegant. If you want your wedding or engagement ceremony of all people to remember, a Bosphorus wedding cruise in Istanbul is a fantastic choice. With its incredible Istanbul views all around, the peace and magic of the Bosphorus and a state-of-the-art food caterer that will indulge them both mentally and physically, serving just so perfect in quality and top in service manner–remembering this day would live forever.

So easy! Message us now. Let’s talk about what kind of wedding you want, what are your desires, requirements. And then plan the wedding party of your dreams.

It is a must-do if we are holding the wedding on a yacht to obtain a venue permit. Ensure that our boat complies with all the relevant safety, environmental and security regulations for on-board events of this kind. Our boat meets all required standards with complete regulation for a wedding cruise.

As to noise regulations, when planning a wedding in Istanbul, we must also consider this factor. Because of our route as we will be sailing on the Bosphorus, the rules are not nearly as tough. We do ensure, however, that our entire operation follows all laws and regulations completely.