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Oryantal, popularly known as belly dance, is a charming and captivating dance that captures the all senses.

 Originating from the Middle East and more specifically in Egypt from where its roots can be traced, this type of dance is recognized by fluid move making it a sensuous, contagious performance to watch. The shows of the oriental dance are a unique opportunity to get into the mysterious world of the East and enjoy beautiful, bewitching performances of talented dancers, who with the help of exotic movements tell alluring stories about beauty and passion, about the magical feminine nature.

An Oryantal dance show treats the body of the dancer as a musical instrument of expression, with its undulating hips, intricately shimmies, and mesmerizing isolations that lay all the senses in a binding spell. That excitement over the costumes, sequined and so brightly colorful, comes to support the visual attraction, and rhythmic and exotic music, which is based on traditional doumbek and oud, necessarily transfers the audience into the world of oriental splendor. The Oryantal dance shows are the celebration of the feminine spirit, an example of the liberating power of movement and expression, and an exploration into the seductive mystery of the Orient.