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Kafkas is an amazing dance show from the culture treasury of the Circassians. It can be said indeed that the tradition of the Circassians is retold by history, storytelling, and communal feel.

The Kafkas dance performances take the audience in the middle of the Caucasus, where the unique and charming movements pass from generation to generation.

Kafkas dance show is normally performed by the dancers in the embroidered Circassian dress that is traditionally colorful and reflects their cultural and historical origin. The dance itself is a twirl of smooth and soft movements, tender and flowing at one moment and imposingly graceful the other, always framed by the beautiful music played on the traditional instruments, such as duduk and balalaika. Kafkas dance is much more than just an eye-pleaser when the performance is an ode to a cultural pilgrimage availing insight into traditions and spirits of the Circassian people and showing the timeless beauty of its history.