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Horon is a typical folk dance of the Black Sea region in Turkey, a very lively and spirited form of expression of cultural and heritage backgrounds of the locals.

This energetic dance style is embedded in the tradition of the people of the Black Sea coast, containing all the charm and dynamics of life, nature, and unity. Horon dance shows are not just rhythmic but also colorful as they portray the different features of this coastal region.

In a Horon dance show, a number of performers are seen to be standing in a circle or line, wearing costumes representative of the maritime culture. The dance involves rapid and complex movements of feet and swift turns, which are accompanied by strong melodies produced from national instruments, such as the kemenche and the tulum. The lively and coordinated moves of the dancers imitate the strengths and spirits of the Black Sea communities, who have cruised through the challenges the territory for generations. Horon dances are not a mere display of entertainment; it is the way of celebration of the local identity, the tribute to the nature providing for people’s living, and rhythmic expression of the harmonious spirit of the people living around the Black Sea.