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Birthday Parties

Calm down everyone, it is my birthday! We can hear your excitement from here. Birthdays are always important milestones in one’s life. Every year we want to celebrate our birthdays with more and more excitement, fun and the element of surprise of course. As a result, choosing the right place for celebration every single year becomes a challenging task.

Holidays on the Bosphorus: An Extraordinary Boat Experience in Istanbul

Being located in the middle of Europe and Asia, Istanbul has won a place of great honor among the world cities, having an honorable place that includes two continents. Its amazing geographical position makes it differ from any other destination. Istanbul is very historical, with centuries of civilizations, traces on its land, and in its cultures. From architectural splendor in its ancient landmarks to the pulsating sounds from its bustling streets, Istanbul is indeed the ultimate cornucopia of the world for the traveler from across the world. Peaceful islands of natural beauty, perfect for meditation and laziness, scattered in the whirlwind of an urban city. With its unique blend of history, culture, and nature, Istanbul calls travelers; a travel experience unlike no other.

Discovering Istanbul from the Waters of the Bosphorus

Holidays are important for all of us. Why not choose something really extraordinary when your holiday choices are about Istanbul? The answer is simple: Holidays on the Bosphorus. Imagine yourself cruising through the Bosphorus Strait on a yacht with panoramic views of the iconic Istanbul landmarks and crystal clear waters across both sides, which divide two continents, Europe and Asia. All it is is pure in a word uniquely – it has the tranquility one would find in the sea, yet you can travel a mere ten minutes away and be sitting in downtown with all its force.

Holiday Options on the Bosphorus aboard a Yacht

Looking to explore Istanbul in style? A yacht holiday on the Bosphorus offers the perfect solution. While city exploration holidays can be tiresome at times, a yacht holiday allows you to explore the sights of the city under your control and at your own pace and convenience as you are able to return and retreat whenever you feel like. Sail along the Bosphorus and admire, by your way of explanations, how it is very beautiful with grand palaces, historical mansions, and prominent mosques built on its banks. Then, disembark at your leisure to visit places of interest closer to land. It’s a win-win!

Exclusive Holiday Experiences on the Bosphorus

During those special moments such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas or Thanksgiving, elevate your holiday experience by chartering a private yacht for the Bosporus. Whether you prefer a serene environment or are looking for a little tranquility surrounded by floating flower beds, our experienced staff will make sure that the atmosphere reflects your wishes. This as well as top class wines and champagnes are just some of the ways we can contribute to ensuring that you and your loved ones truly enjoy every minute. Our highly qualified and thoroughly professional staff will help you put together an unforgettable holiday season with your friends and family providing all the loving attention required by any preference that may arise. From our lush facilities to our sophisticated entertainment, a Bosporus holiday offers an experience defined solely by exclusivity.

Unlocking a New Holiday Experience

Taking a cruise along the Bosphorus gives you a unique perspective of Istanbul’s rich history and culture. As you cruise spot choices include outstanding old palaces, historic sites and pretty neighbourhoods, yet the meld of East and West is fascinating. On yachts of the utmost luxury, lie in the all over medicry of the sunshine and gentle wind gliding over water through tranquility you have never before experienced then. Whether your pleasure is relaxation or excitement, a yacht holiday on the Bosphorus offers an adventure and memories to cherish for many years.

Making your holiday is that simple as you see. Contact us any time to create an unforgettable holiday experience in Istanbul Bosphorus with us.

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What is the cost of a yacht holiday on the Bosphorus?

The prices depend on many factors such as type of the boat, number of guests guests, services demanded on board,…

Make sure to contact us tos hare the details of your dream yacht holiday, so we can plan a tailor-made expeience for you and your loved ones.

Istanbul’s gems will greet you on your way along the Bosphorus Strait:

The Bosphorus Bridge

Dolmabahce Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace

Maiden’s Tower

Galata Tower

Ciragan Palace

Ortakoy Mosque


Seaside villas along the Bosphorus Strait

Making your holiday unforgettable is actually very simple. Contact us, share your desires and leave the rest to us. How simple is that! It is definitely worth to give it a shot to make your loved ones happy and surprised.

You are in the right address to organize your holiday yacht experience. Give us a call, let’s talk about your dreams and maket hem come true.

Our boats are equipped in respect to safety compliance. They strictly conform to the observance of certain rules and regulations from municipalities and governments when organizing an event on a boat or yacht along the Bosphorus. These include obtaining venue permits in order to guarantee safety and security compliance aboard our fully equipped boats. Whether it is a party on board, wedding, or holiday yacht rental, rest assured, our vessels meet all necessary standards.

We also consider noise regulations in Istanbul, which are however rather slack as we cruise the Bosphorus. And as we provide maximum high quality service, we are very conscious to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.