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Birthday Parties

Calm down everyone, it is my birthday! We can hear your excitement from here. Birthdays are always important milestones in one’s life. Every year we want to celebrate our birthdays with more and more excitement, fun and the element of surprise of course. As a result, choosing the right place for celebration every single year becomes a challenging task.

Celebrate Your Birthday in Style with Bosphorus Cruise

Well, here is a totally unique and most memorable idea to spend your birthday. You just cannot help but choose one of the birthday parties on the elegant waters of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Imagine dancing the night away with your loved ones, amidst breathtaking views of the Istanbul skyline, and mouthwatering fare and drinks, all aboard a luxury cruise ship. Here is how you could plan the ultimate birthday bash on the Bosphorus.

Create an Unforgettable Birthday Experience on the Bosphorus

Your birthday only comes around once a year, so why not make it extra special with a celebration on the Bosphorus? Whether you are 21 or 50, a Bosphorus cruise signifies an experience that is truly unique and remarkable—a party that everyone will remember for years to come. You shall be received in style and grandeur from the time you come aboard the cruise ship, together with your invited guests, for the wonderful celebration.

Choose from a Variety of Party Packages to Suit Your Needs

No matter your budget or preferences, there is a party package to suit your needs. Whether it is the intimate gathering with closest friends and family, or a large-scale occasion filled with every luxury you can imagine, we have the package that will fulfill your birthday dream. From private dining rooms to spacious outdoor decks, there is a venue option to suit every style of celebration.

Take in the Stunning Views of Istanbul’s Skyline as You Celebrate

Do not forget the wonderful skyline of Istanbul during dancing and dinner. From the most famous iconic sites such as Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque to the twinkling lights of the cityscape, the views of the Bosphorus are simply unparalleled. Capture the day with photos that will last a lifetime and in the process, create memories you shall forever cherish.

A birthday celebration on the Bosphorus will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your guests. With many different party packages available, great food and drinks, live shows, and perfect views from Istanbul’s skyline, it is all in a celebration of one more year in the coolest way possible. Ready to party? Plan your birthday cruise and get ready to give yourself a celebration on the beautiful waters of the Bosphorus.

Enjoy a Delicious Birthday Meal and Drinks Onboard

Of course, what is a birthday bash worth without good food and drink? On Bosphorus Cruise, you will share amusing moments with your guests with a birthday menu in the preparation of expert chefs. From the delicious gourmet appetizers to the pleasant taste of the desserts, you are in all ways making a great impression. And no birthday party can be complete without a toast to this occasion! Savor the taste of fine and rare wines, sip champagne, and top-shelf cocktails, raising your glass to the memories of the past year. It is night to remember, mostly for the feast your stomach will enjoy across the mesmerising nocturnal views of Istanbul.

Dance the Night Away with a Live DJ or Band

The dance floor is open after dinner. It is live DJs or even bands, which keep going all through the night, with the very best of the latest chart-toppers and all-time classics from decades past. Feel the romance of the city as you dance under the stars, feel the lovely breeze from the Bosphorus setting the scene gently for your party. State-of-the-art sound and light systems will help give you the feeling it’s your own private nightclub. What are you doing, if you are not going extra on your birthday?


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What is the cost of a birthday party on a yacht in Bosphorus Istanbul?

Planning a yacht birthday party in the amazing city of Istanbul brings both delight and questions. Estimating expense requires details – the boat size and number of attendants, duration, specific requirements and more. Do not forget to contact us for counsel on our customizable packages or unveiling visions for a celebration beyond compare. We shall intimately tailor a birthday party addressing all needs, dreams, and budget of course. Upon receiving full details, a thorough calculation of costs will be shared. Let your special day ignite with memories to last lifetimes upon the Bosphorus!

During you bityhday party on a yacht at the Bosphorus Strait, you will see a lot of landmarks like:

The Bosphorus Bridge

Dolmabahce Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace

Maiden’s Tower

Galata Tower

Ciragan Palace

Ortakoy Mosque


Seaside villas along the Bosphorus Strait

Each birthday signifies another page in our life, designating it as a genuinely remarkable event. However, occasionally we crave an extraordinary experience to make the date even more unforgettable. When this need arises, you can consider celebrating your special day on a chartered luxury yacht cruising along the breathtaking Istanbul skyline. Indulge in relaxation with splendid views, pleasure with loved ones, and cherished recollections that will endure forever.

Just contact us without delay, share your needs, desires and let’s plan your bityhday party on a yacht together.

When organizing a boat event in the famous Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul, obeying to the complex web of municipal and national regulations is a must. One of them is venue permit of course, confirming our vessel is complied with the array of safety and security specifications mandated for hosting events on board. While our fleet exceeds compliance in all respects, elegant yet understated occasions call for nuanced navigation of regulations.